The importance of your legacy gift to The Jewish Agency for Israel cannot be overestimated. Your thoughtful planning and charitable gift will help ensure the future vibrancy and strength of Israel’s largest nonprofit organization, The Jewish Agency. Join us as a partner in delivering the services and programs we offer to improve the lives of Jews worldwide and connect the Jewish people to Israel in perpetuity. Your legacy will live on as generations continue our work and mission of serving Jews around the world.

Your legacy in action!

A nine-year old girl who lost her father in an act of terror. Your legacy is the financial support and resources she and family need to rebuild in the wake of tragedy.


An 84-year-old Holocaust survivor. Your legacy is his home and a life of dignity in a subsidized Amigour apartment for elderly citizens.


A five-year old new Israeli citizen from Ethiopia. Your legacy is fulfilling her parents’ dreams and paving the way for her promising future in the Jewish state.


There are many ways to make a lasting impact. Many planned gift options offer substantial tax savings and other economic benefits during your lifetime.

Explore the options that might be right for your Legacy by scheduling a private meeting with a member of our Planned Giving staff.